Friday, December 19, 2008

"I'm a PC..."

This I’m sure has been blogged to death, but I couldn’t really find anything wrong with Microsoft’s ‘witty’ response to the Mac adverts. Until now.

I’ve realise what is wrong with these adverts: they try too hard. Way too hard. These adverts are like the odd one out in the ‘cool’ group at school, the ones who were only allowed to hang with the cool kids because they were the slave, or were the pun of all the jokes. These adverts desperately seek attention, rather like Stephanie Pratt from The Hills, or a forty-seven year old woman in a mini-skirt. They try so hard to be noticed, they just end up looking ridiculous and terribly, terribly uncool.

The worst part of the television advert is the Asian man in the glasses towards the end. He says: “I’m a PC and a human being. Not a human doing, not a human thinking, a human being.”

This line pretty much sums up and proves every negative point that every blog is saying. I bet the people at Mac are rubbing their hands with glee, waiting in amusement as Microsoft seek new ways to destroy themselves.

P.S: Pharrell Williams and Eva Longoria, I don’t care how much you got paid; I just lost some respect for you.

Image taken from here. Please don't sue me.


Niyi Crown said...

I was totally offended when Pharrell came on screen to tell me that he was a P.C. We all know that he was lying.

Urban Articulations said...

How true! I think he looked a bit uncomfortable doing it. Hey, maybe Bill Gates was hiding behind him with a gun to Pharrell's head, I hear he has quite a volatile temper...

Whathehelle Fontenelle said...

Wouldn't surprise me one bit, though I do hear Steve Job is the worse of the bunch!