Monday, July 27, 2009

A Music Moment...

‘Kiss of Life’ is by Mercury nominated British band Friendly Fires. The video is awash with colour, unlike London at the moment with its grey skies. This slice of friendly pop will get you moving along with it, although perhaps not like Ed Macfarlane’s awkward moves as displayed in the video. However I do give him A+ for effort. ‘Kiss of Life’ is released August 31st in the UK.

P.S: This will definitely get you moving.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Overheard Articulation...

About girls:

T: Yeah man always "SO WHEN YOU COMING TO SEE ME?"

Me: Why can’t they make some effort?

T: They should make effort and bring their own money

Me: LOOOOL…this conversation is proving that both of us aren’t ready for having a chick

T: I’m ready… but is the chick ready THAT’S THE QUESTION


Sunday, July 19, 2009

My box is a Voicebox

If you solely relied on the media to paint a portrait of the British youth, you probably wouldn’t leave your house. And I wouldn’t blame you.

Whether we are reportedly stabbing each other to death, robbing old grannies, drawing on private property, or just simply being an unemployed nuisance, the newspapers are overflowing with negative stories about the youth. This, in turn, has led to older people fearing the younger generation.

Voicebox, by Vinspired, wants to change all of that. Voicebox aims to show what the ‘kids of today’ are actually like, based on questionnaires filled out by the kids themselves. But in order to create a detailed picture of young people today, they need as many people to take part as possible. So you, sitting there reading this, you need to take part. Even if you are just young at heart.

Another positive about this project is that it encourages people to use their data, instead of just locking it away in a filing cabinet, only for people in suits to see. Good stuff.

Voicebox. Get involved.
Image from the site.

Overheard Articulation...

My mum (about the Moon landing):

What route did they take to the Moon? Through the Sahara? I don't understand, is it not like [a] plane?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Plan B

With 30,000 students not getting a university place this year, I thought it was about time I had a plan B, just in case I am one of the unfortunate.

If it was up to me, I’d stay at home and get paid quite a lot to do very little. (I actually know someone who was fortunate to land a job like this, but I won’t name names here.)

However, with the current economic situation, it’s getting harder and harder to find even a part-time job, let alone a full time one. And employers want years and years of experience to even consider hiring a potential employee.

So basically, if I don’t get into university, I may be screwed.

Who's hiring?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Music Moment...

With the sun high in the sky, and temperatures reaching their peak, it’s time for a chilled out summer anthem. One EskimO are an animated band from the UK. Headed by Kristian Leontiou on lead vocals, the calming sounds of ‘Kandi’ is the perfect end to a summer’s day.

Kandi is out now.

P.S: Two underrated tracks from Bat for Lashes. ‘Daniel’ and ‘Pearl’s Dream’.

Overheard Articulation...

"She’s got teeth like a tin-can opener"