Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Film Review: Wolverine

I had been waiting for this film since X-Men 2 came out (that’s when the rumours started about this film), so you can imagine my excitement when it finally came out.

Well… it wasn’t overly terrible but it certainly does not deserve any accolades. Hugh Jackman spends a lot of the film screaming (must have been a strech on the vocal cords), reminding me of that awful film Push. There are also some terrible clichéd moments that had me thinking “Really?” For example (I’m not going to delve too deep into the story), there’s one bit where a helicopter explodes behind Wolverine and he walks, in slow-mo, away from the flames.

And halfway through the film you realise, “What was the point of all these other characters?” They feel like extras, in the film for the sake of it. I guess the film’s saving grace is Hugh himself, I think he’s believable as Wolverine. I read while training for the film he was benching around 140kg, I’m just off half of that, he’s inspired me go drag myself into the gym so I can look a bit like a brute. Just a bit.
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