Sunday, July 19, 2009

My box is a Voicebox

If you solely relied on the media to paint a portrait of the British youth, you probably wouldn’t leave your house. And I wouldn’t blame you.

Whether we are reportedly stabbing each other to death, robbing old grannies, drawing on private property, or just simply being an unemployed nuisance, the newspapers are overflowing with negative stories about the youth. This, in turn, has led to older people fearing the younger generation.

Voicebox, by Vinspired, wants to change all of that. Voicebox aims to show what the ‘kids of today’ are actually like, based on questionnaires filled out by the kids themselves. But in order to create a detailed picture of young people today, they need as many people to take part as possible. So you, sitting there reading this, you need to take part. Even if you are just young at heart.

Another positive about this project is that it encourages people to use their data, instead of just locking it away in a filing cabinet, only for people in suits to see. Good stuff.

Voicebox. Get involved.
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