Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Music Moment: Ones for 2010

It’s a new year so it is time for some brand new artists. First up is twenty-three year old Ellie Goulding from Herefordshire. After I initially ignored her first single, Under the Sheets, her second single, Starry Eyed grabbed my attention. Her voice sounds like she should be making folk music; however, when mixed with dance/electro beats the result is quite stunning. Starry Eyed is released in the UK on February 22nd, and her debut album, Lights is out on March 1st.

Next is twenty-four year old Marina Lambrini (LOL) Diamandis aka Marina and the Diamonds. The half Welsh half Greek songstress was second in the BBC’s Sound of 2010, only beaten by the above Ellie Goulding. Her first promotional single from her debut album, The Family Jewels, Hollywood, is full of clever lyrics about the American Dream. She has often been compared to Florence + the Machine, but the only thing they really have in common is the ‘and the’ in their respective titles. Hollywood is out now in the UK, and The Family Jewels is out on February 22nd (again, in the UK).

Lastly is twenty-one year old Swede Erik Hassle. After establishing a successful career in native Sweden, he’s now trying to conquer Britian. He’s already toured with Mika (erugh), Little Boots (meh), and Florence + the Machine (yay!). Even though I find him a bit creepy looking, and he looks like La Roux’s twin brother (don’t tell me you can’t see it), his debut single, Hurtful is a solid pop single. His debut EP, Pieces is also out now.

These girls debuted ten years ago. Click.

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