Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Music Moment...

Patience seems to be a rare thing these days. We zoom around our daily lives, demanding everything be done now. The same can be said about music. Songs that slowly build up to a drop have been sacrificed for short, snappy pop tunes that have a decent beat but poor lyrical content.

However, this may be slowly changing. This year, the XX (amongst others) have proved that mainstream success doesn’t have to be loud, fast paced and in your face. Music can be slow and melodic and graced with soft vocals.

James Blake continues this trend with his debut single, ‘Limit to Your Love’. Originally a Feist song, James Blake has reworked it completely, creating a song which isn’t afraid to embrace silence. Blake’s vocals dip in and out of the song, making the listener wonder what is going on. Blake also mixes the piano with a Dub beat, creating a sound that my friend has coined as ‘Soulful Dubstep’.

Runner up for the Critic’s Choice for the Brit Awards (behind Jessie J) and championed by Radio One’s music glutton Zane Lowe, 2011 looks like a big year for James Blake. His self titled debut album will be released on the 7th February 2011.

‘Limit to Your Love’ is out now on iTunes.

Click here to hear the original.

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