Friday, November 13, 2009

A Music Moment...

Normally, when a classic song gets covered or reworked it is butchered by the artists (e.g. Tinchy ‘no talent’ Stryder defecating all over Olive’s nineties classic ‘You’re Not Alone’, choosing to chat nonsense all over the track, and replacing the original vocals with much weaker ones). However, Leona Lewis bucked the trend when she covered Snow Patrol’s ‘Run’, and Florence + the Machine also have done a brilliant cover of Candi Station’s ‘You’ve Got the Love’.

And then South London’s finest underground band, The XX, took Florence’s cover and injected some oldschool Garage vibes into it, creating this masterpiece that makes me crave for nineties music.

If you don’t know who The XX are, they are a three piece (two boys, one girl) South London band who, according to their Myspace (remember that?), make ‘New Wave/ Pop/ Soul’ music. However, I’d describe it as R&B (remember that?) mashed together with Indie music, which makes for an odd, yet amazing debut album. Although none of the songs on their album are particularly up-tempo, they have carefully crafted it so it doesn’t bore after a while. Check out two of their own songs below.

‘You’ve Got the Love’ remix is available to download from the 15th of November, Florence + the Machine’s version is out now, and The XX’s debut album ‘XX’ is out now in the UK. Phew.

One of The XX’s influences. Clickkkkkkk…

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