Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bits and Bobs: The January scraps

Oh look, it's me...

I’m back! Yes, the exam period is over for now (don’t bother asking how they went, I don’t know), and I’m going back to what I do best… sleeping, eating and, of course, blogging.

Here’s a bunch of mini-entries, stuff I would have blogged about if I wasn’t chained to a textbook, or trying to stay awake trying to learn what Y.A.V.I.S means and how it relates to psychoanalysis (if you don’t know what I’m on about, don’t worry, neither do I).

I watch a lot of rubbish that is on TV, stuff that rots my brain. It’s great. But even I could not bear to sit down and watch Celebrity Big Brother this year. I didn’t even know who half of them were, and I still don’t. At least Coolio is getting more royalties as radio stations are beginning to play ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ again.

I watched this Panorama programme about youths who had been jailed for murder involving a knife. It was quite sad to watch people who probably weren’t much older than me spend the ‘best years’ of their lives behind bars. And one of them in particular struck me as quite an intelligent person, but yet they still made the stupid decision to arm himself. I still don’t get why young people in urban areas still insist on carrying a knives to protect their area, because, at the end of the day, if the council want to kick you out of your house…they will kick you out of your house.

Mr Motivator is back on GMTV. It’s the nineties again.

Skins, Hustle, Gossip Girl, Waterloo Road and the new generation of 90210 have started, or about to start on TV. I’m too young to know what the old 91210 was like, so I’m watching it with an open mind, I’ve seen the first episode, and it was ok… Who else has noticed that there are a lot of mixed race children in Waterloo Road? Even the extras are mixed race, I actually don’t think I’ve spotted any fully black kids. Here’s proof that mixed race really is the new black (and white).

I’ve been watching a lot of Daytime TV recently, and I hope never to be unemployed. Daytime TV is so, so dire. Jeremy Kyle, Trisha… bad programmes with bad people. I wonder what posses them to actually go on there and air out their problems in front of thousands (thousands, not millions) of people.

I only watched part of the inauguration because another TV was on in my house and I could hear it. How do I feel about it? Fine, ok, whatever. All I noticed was how badly his tie was done up.

I don’t even know what Swiftcover is, but I do not want to be associated with it after this advert. Why couldn’t they make an advert like this brilliant T-mobile one? There’s also an advert with a child proclaiming he ‘wants to do a poo’. Yeah, I didn’t need to know that either…

The video for Beyonce’s ‘Diva’ is out. See what I mean?

Madonna. No. Stop it. Stop it right now.

It’s the end of January, so you must have given up on your resolutions. I’m clever. I didn’t make any.

So Woolworths has gone. Sad times. I’m going to miss the one in Stratford. It had bright lights and was near one hundred degrees all year around.

Proof that when your parents join Facebook, you should delete your account. Thank goodness mine can barely work a computer.


louise said...

No freakin' way is Mr Motivator back on GMTV.
Is he still in multicoloured lycra and thrusting innocently at women?

louise said...

Sorry that should be thrusting at innocent women. I don't think its possible to innocently thrust.

Urban Articulations said...

Oh yes he is, check the link! I wouldn't know about the thrusting, I was too young to know what thrusting was the first time around, and I've only seen him once on there, he's usually doing his thing while on my way to sixth form.

Urban Articulations said...

And no it can't be possible to innocently thrust, unless you have some sort of bizzare tick