Friday, March 27, 2009

Still on the radio…

Why do DJs love to talk over the record being played?

I find it so irritating. I’m there, listening to a tune (and it always seems to happen when my favourite tune is on), and it’s nearing the end when the DJ opens their mouth to sprout rubbish ALL OVER THE END OF THE TUNE. The end of the tune is obliterated by the DJ’s nonsense, usually either a random stupid epiphany, or to tell me that they are ‘LOVING THIS TUNE’. Ok, so why talk over it?

DJs on pirate radio stations are the worst when it comes to this (now before comments are left about how I shouldn’t be listening to pirate radio stations as they are illegal blah, blah… I know. But refer to my other post about radio stations. Where else will DJs play oldschool garage, or nineties R&B?). Pirate DJs, for some reason, cannot resist talking ALL OVER the track. Or even singing along to it. And then they reload the track a million times. No. Just stop it.

You may love the sound of your own voice, but I don’t. Just let the song play.


cb-imagery said...

I remember the days when I used to tape songs off the radio. I'd be waiting there, finger above pause... prepared to jump in before the DJ started.
It is annoying. Thank heavens for illegal downloads.

Urban Articulations said...

Loool... ah, the humble tape. I miss those days.