Sunday, February 15, 2009

“Babies with babies…”


I didn’t believe it. ‘Impossible!’ I said. I was on my way home from Oxford Street after sixth form (I bought a pair of braces from H&M, but I forgot to stop off in Mash, silly me). And I’m on the train now, minding my own business, when the London Lite confronts me with the head line ‘DAD AT 13’. Huh?

It wasn’t until I got home until I got the lowdown on the story. The news was exclusive to The Sun newspaper (surprise, surprise), so read the whole article and check out the video here.

The mind really does boggle. He conceived the child at twelve. How, how on earth can you be doing that sort of stuff at such a young age? And as for the girl, she’s fifteen. What self respecting fifteen year old goes out with a twelve year old? She must be in year ten, and he must be in year eight. That breaks the rules! You can’t go out with someone two school years younger than yourself! This wouldn’t have been allowed in my secondary school. In fact, a boy in my last school went out with a girl that was two school years younger than him and he was ridiculed for the duration of the ‘relationship.’ It didn’t last long, mainly because he realised that she was YOUNG.

At the time of writing (Saturday), I was having doubts about whether the child was actually his. He’s thirteen, four foot (that’s tiny, even I was bigger than that), voice hasn’t even broken… I don’t think he’s even begun puberty.

And lo and behold, just now I’ve discovered this article, which is basically saying that the twelve year old may not be the father. Surprise, surprise (again). You look at that girl and you tell me she’s only done it once (did anyone else notice she looks really old, like thirty old?). Other boys, a bit older (thank goodness), have come forward saying they done the deed with her around the same time.

This whole story proves that teens should not be indulging in such behaviour. They should be visiting youth centres, museums and the cinema. Not family planning clinics and Mothercare.

Oh, and I have another suggestion. They should all go and get tested. At least one of them must be crawling with something.


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