Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Music Moment...

Now that we know his name, Daniel Merriweather has decided to make an album. Mark Ronson’s protégé (Daniel’s vocals were heard on Mark Ronson’s rendition of ‘Stop Me’, released in 2007) has decided to release this as his debut single. While ‘Change’ isn’t the best song ever, it is pleasant on the ear due to Merriweather’s soulful vocals, and Wale provides a decent set of rhyming. ‘Change’ is out now in the UK, and his debut album, ‘Love and War’ will be out soon.

P.S: I picked this song, back when her hair was pink and before she went rock chick on our R&B asses.


D said...


yes indeed..i thought the ' spoiled the flow, but now that you'v mentioned it. I'm open to change!

your blog is hilarious! Do you have an email to contact you on?

Missing In Action said...

You seem to be a music man UA, so I can't believe you haven't given the Jaydiohead album a mention in recent weeks.


Urban Articulations said...

Missing In Action, I'll YouTube it and report back!