Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Music Moment...

Leona Lewis, with her epic vocals, releases ‘I Will Be’ from her quadrillion selling (a slight hyperbole) debut album ‘Spirit’. This isn’t the best Leona tune ever (if any of Leona’s representatives are reading, I’m You, Here I Am…big tunes, release them), but it’s still decent and miles ahead of other R&B songs. It features GossipGirl’s Chace Crawford (for about three seconds), and the first time I saw this video I laughed at her accent, it sounds so…British against Chace’s American articulation. And her acting is hilarious too: “I can’t come with you... I’ll meet you, I promise…” HA HA!

It was written and recorded by Avril Lavigne first, if you want to damage your ears and listen to her version, click here.

Oh and by the way, Mr. Missing, I Youtubed Jaydiohead. Clever, I like it, though I know practically no Radiohead songs (and not that many Jay-Z songs neither). Check out Minty Fresh’s YouTube channel here to see what Missing In Action is on about.

P.S.: More epic vocals here.


Max said...

hey, this is max tannone, creator of Jaydiohead.

Youtube removed my videos.

But you can check it out on vimeo

better still, download the whole album at

please enjoy and share with friends.


Urban Articulations said...

Thanks. Why did they remove your vids?

$hort n' $weet said...

yeah the acting was a joke! lol

cool blog by the way;-)

Urban Articulations said...

Thanks $hort 'n' $weet